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As more and more people make the switch to KURO-Bō Charcoal Sticks and Kōins, what began as a seed-idea from ancient Japan and developed in South Africa, is starting to sprout in other countries around the world. If you’re using KURO-Bō, you’re part of a growing global movement as we spread the message of living a #plasticfreelife.  By now, we all know that the polluting proliferation of plastic is a world-wide crisis.  We are never going to recycle ourselves out of the plastic mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. There is only one thing to do: stop producing plastic!

As you know, KURO-Bō offers a plastic- and waste-free solution for improving the quality of tap water without compromising our living world. We’re inviting people from all over the world to create a new culture of acting locally, but having a global impact.  By making this one small commitment to use a completely natural, plastic- and waste-free product locally, you’re joining hands with a wider, global community and creating a #plasticfreemovement.

As we plant the seeds for change across Africa, the US, UK, Poland, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Bulgaria and Ireland, we’re together growing a different, life-sustaining reality, globally. Did you know that you can now find KURO-Bō on BOTH Amazon in the US and Amazon in the UK!

Here’s what some of our amazing global retailers have to say:

Lisa of PLASTIC-FREE HK in Hong Kong says:

“We love how affordable, sustainable, effective and user-friendly the Kuro-Bo water filter is!  It makes providing clean drinking water for our homes easy and stress-free.  And it’s portable, so we can get clean water while traveling or on-the-go.

PFHK is trying to create a one-stop shop for all things sustainable for our homes and beyond.  We want to show everyone out there that a sustainable life is possible and worth shooting for.  We try to educate through social media and our blog posts and sponsor causes whenever we can that are trying to make a difference as well!”

Amy, of YOUME in Waterford City, Ireland says:  

“What I personally love most about Kuro-Bō water filters is how low maintenance they are. You simply activate them, add them to your water and that’s all it takes. Also the taste and the cost-saving are a huge factor. My customers love the fact that they save money by not buying bottled water and not having their recycle bins full of plastic bottles. Good for the pocket and the planet.

We’re delighted to stock Kuro-Bō’s products. The quality is exceptional and the water bottles are a huge hit!

As well as our range of plastic free essentials, we’ve recently launched a plastic free whole foods section on our website. We’re now supplying our customers with loose dried goods such as pasta, rice, nuts and fruit. Our aim is to make the transition to zero waste as easy as possible for our customers. “

Jagoda, of The Basic Market in Piaseczno, Poland:

“For me the biggest advantage of Kuro-Bō is purified water without plastic and I love the fact that it is so handy. I travel with my Go-Eco bottle with Koins everywhere; it fits perfectly in the cup holder in my car.

My customers love KURO-Bō because as the best alternative to plastic water filters as it is 100% biodegradable.  Plus people love the way filter looks! Many customers from fashion and design industry adore the minimalistic style of KURO-Bō.

In Poland, Zero-Waste market is still quite small but is rising rapidly.  We launched almost a year ago and we are proud to see how many people have changed. KURO-Bō was first brand in our store and today we have many regular customers who trusted us from the beginning. 

From the start we believe in plastic-free business. Our packages are plastic-free and we encourage reusing all the paper materials that are used for shipping.  We take part in fairs and markets devoted to less-waste lifestyle and we are happy to share our plastic-free philosophy.” 

So good to hear how living a #plasticfreelifestyle is taking off globally. Tell your friends and family what’s possible. Create a change-chain-reaction across the globe, starting right here!

GET IN TOUCH: If you are a retailer, anywhere in the world, do get in touch to discuss stocking KURO-Bō – plant a few seeds and we’ll eventually grow a forest!

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