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They say there’s no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to improving your health and well-being.  Well, we think we, along with Faithful To Nature, are about to offer a solution that gets pretty close.

Read on to see how to make the real you, the best you, in 2019!


Hands up, who’s made a resolution to be healthier this year?  Sure you have.  It’s probably the top New Year’s resolution on everyone’s list: exercise more, be fitter and eat more healthy home-made food. It’s well-known that home-prepared meals are superior in nutritional value because you’re in complete control of the quality of the ingredients and method of cooking.  No more takeaway fast food!

But here’s what happens as you move from the sunny, relaxed, expansive holiday spirit in which you made this well-intentioned resolution back to your every-day life full of time-pressured work, family and domestic responsibilities. Somehow the available time shrinks and all those commitments to making healthy meals from scratch shrink too.  What to do?


Enter the NEXT GENERATION smoothie. It’s fast, nutrient-dense (if you do it right) and delicious.  Contrary to what many people think, smoothies are not about just chucking a whole jumble of ingredients into a blender and hoping for the best.  It’s the proportions of the ingredients that’s key.  Here’s a simple formula that takes you through 5 ingredient steps:

  1. GREENS: 50% leafy greens. Spinach is packed with nutrients but has such a gentle mild flavour you won’t even taste it. Step it up to baby kale leaves when you’re ready to go hard-core!
  2. FRUITS: 1 – 2 fruit servings. Any more than that and you’re setting yourself up for a sugar-bomb.  Favourites are: mango, banana, paw-paw, pineapple, frozen berries.
  3. FATS: 1 serving. Nuts and nut butters such as macadamia, cashew, almond and peanut add a satisfying creaminess.  Coconut oil is excellent. Quarter of an avo is a great fat to add too. For extra convenience, you can freeze cut up avo pieces for a delicious cold creaminess.
  4. SUPERFOODS: 1-3 servings. Protein powders, raw cacao, maca root, chia and flax seeds are all great booster additions that’ll take your smoothie to the next nutritional level.
  5. LIQUID: according to your desired consistency. Water (KURO-Bō of course!) is always a good option as well as ice-cubes for a cold smoothie, along with unsweetened nut milks (coconut is a favourite) or grain milks (oat and rice milk) Plain yoghurt is also a good choice if you’re not allergic to dairy.

Add them, in that order to your blender and you’ll get it right every time, and save time.  And to speed things up even more, you can prep the ingredients in the blender the night before and just add liquid and ice in the morning.



For additional inspiration, here are 3 great smoothie ideas to get you going:

Bao-Mango Smoothie Bowl – for more than a smoothie.

Kelly Brogan’s Breakfast Smoothie – for the low-carbers.

Fierce Focus Smoothie for Monday mornings.




And since we’re talking smoothies, what do you get when you cross NutriBullet with KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal?  An even healthier, better tasting, nutritious smoothie! NutriBullet transforms ordinary food into extraordinary nutrition just as KURO-Bō transforms ordinary tap water into extraordinary hydration.

Use the NutriBullet nutrient extractor for your daily servings of fruit and veggies and KURO-Bō water-filtering solution for your daily servings of fresh-tasting, mineralised water. It’s a win-win combination and we’re giving it away!

(So maybe there is a silver bullet after all?)

This incredible holistic health giveaway from KURO-Bō and Faithful To Nature worth OVER R3,500 includes:

1 x 6L 100% Recycled Glass Dispenser for the kitchen along with 2 x KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Sticks to turn your tap water into plastic-free mineralised, delicious fresh-tasting water to add to your smoothies!


1 x 1L KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Glass Water Bottle along with KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Kōins – the perfect desk-mate to keep by your side as you work making sure you keep your hydration up.


1 x NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor 8-Piece (Grey) – ideal for breaking foods down into their most easily digestible and absorbable state; helping your body get the best possible nutrition with every serving.

To win this innovative hydration kit, perfect for the health and eco-conscious person wanting to live their best life in 2019, all you need to do is enter your preferred email address HERE and that’s it!   

But HURRY! This giveaway is running for ONE WEEK ONLY.  (9th-16th January)

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