MULTI-BUY – KURO-Bō Sticks (4 + 1 FREE)


  • The ultimate plastic-free and sustainable water filter
  • Provides 15+ months of daily naturally purified water for 1-2 people, or 3+ months for a family
  • Extremely light and portable – ideal for both home and holidays
  • Ideally paired with KURO-Bō 100% Recycled Glass Water Dispensers
  • Recyclable in many eco-friendly ways
  • A unique personal or corporate gifting option

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Kathy L.
Kuro-Bo Sticks

I’ve been using the Kuro-Bo water cleansing system to filter spring water for about three years and am very happy with it. I’ve recently moved and am now filtering borehole water. The taste is different - obviously - but the charcoal sticks improve the natural flavour of the water as well as cleansing it.

sue s.
Essential goodness!

Love the sticks which deliver crystal clear delicious water. Also love the background story! Thank you

Fabian F.
Effortless purchase

I recommend buying directly from the website. There is real value for money and the sticks work as stated. Will definitely buy again

Lizé O.
Excellent product

I was looking at buying a counter top water filter, but the more I researched it became clear that these fancy, expensive filters don't filter out more than the carbon portion inevitably a part of those filters and that if you really want great quality water you'd have to collect rain water and put it through a series of processes to clean it, which for most city folk isn't practical. That's when I came across KURO Bō. It is more cost effective than regular filter replacements, can be repurposed in many creative ways and ultimately disposed of with no harmful impact on the environment. Furthermore it's a real talking point when placed in a beautiful water jug on the dinner table - it's simplistic elegance. Service was great and delivery was fast. Thanks to the KURO Bō team!

Courtney R.

Love them!


The first of its kind in Africa, and scientifically-proven, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Sticks are a completely plastic-free, sustainable and recyclable water purification solution. The ultimate next generation of water filter – for home or for travel. 

Whether paired with our 100% Recycled Glass Water Dispensers (6L/12.5L) or your own carafe/jug/dispenser, four sticks of KURO-Bō Charcoal can provide over 12 months of daily cartridge-free and naturally purified water for 1-2 people, or a family of 4 can enjoy over 3 month’s worth – and furthermore by buying 4 sticks, you get ONE FOR FREE! The charcoal stick will purify up to 3L of water at a time. For greater volumes, simply add extra sticks.

Activated charcoal, or Binchotan attracts and draws out positively-charged toxins (chemicals, heavy metals, E. coli) from your water, while depositing beneficial minerals and balancing an acidic pH.

After 3 months of daily use, recycle your KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Sticks in any number of innovative and eco-friendly ways, for example, in your pet’s bowl, as a biochar on your plants, as an organic air purifier or dehumidifier, or in your fridge to prolong the shelf life of your fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Why not consider also signing up for our bespoke Recurring Order Service? 

Here you can select your tailored choice of KURO-Bō filters and we’ll take all the pressure to remember away – automatically couriering your KURO-Bō Natural Filters to your door every 3 months. Sign up once and the direct debit will automatically come off every 3 months. You can also cancel at any time. How convenient!