KURO-Bō 12.5L 100% Recycled Glass Dispenser & Kiaat Wooden Stand


  • Hand-made 12.5L 100% recycled glass water dispenser
  • Locally hand-made Kiaat dispenser base
  • Features a slow flow tap and stainless steel lid – stainless steel tap featured is an optional add-on under “Accessories”
  • Ideally paired with 5 x eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Natural Water Filters Sticks (see other STARTER PACK)
  • Completely removes the need for any plastic bottles or expensive installed systems
  • The perfect addition to a home, office, gym/studio or holiday house
  • A stunning  and unique gift for friends or family

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Keep a constant supply of delicious, single-use plastic-free water readily available on tap with the stunning KURO-Bō 12.5L Recycled Glass Water Dispenser – now also with our brand new beautiful hand-made Kiaat wooden stand!

Hand-made from from 100% recycled glass, and featuring a slow flow (child-friendly) plastic tap and stainless steel lid, this unique and eye-catching dispenser is the perfect addition to a home, office, gym or holiday house. Its compact size means you can also comfortably fit it in to a double door fridge. You can also choose an optional extra of a stainless steel tap found under “Accessories” – as seen in these pictures. ** NB The Dispenser comes with a plastic tap (See 12.5L Dispenser on counter image).

Our beautiful and unique * Limited Edition * Kiaat wooden dispenser stands are hand-made lovingly and locally in Cape Town. Cleverly designed to fit both our 6L and 12.5L 100% Recycled Glass Dispensers, each one will be completely unique as each piece of natural wood is. The tap is also at a perfect height to fit a water glass or bottle mouth. Kiaat is a light brown to chocolate-brown with irregular darker reddish and paler beige streaks . Please be aware that grain and colour will vary from stand to stand. The stands are oiled and waterproofed, and come in two pieces ready to simply assemble at home with a single screw.

  • Height of stand – 13cm
  • Height from bottom of tap to surface – 11cm
  • Width to accommodate 6L – 23.5cm
  • Width to accommodate 12.5L – 25cm

** NB Dispenser Stands will be made to order in batches so please expect a 2 week (maximum) waiting time. The base will then be couriered Free of Charge nationally **

Our dispenser set is ideally paired with 5 x eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Natural Water Filters, for 3+ months of 100% naturally purified, mineralised and pH-balanced water – you can find another STARTER KIT with these also wrapped in 🙂

  • Like a smaller Dispenser? Take a look at our 6L 100% Recycled Glass Dispenser – same quality and aesthetic, just half the size!

Ideally also pair with our 100% plastic-free KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Natural Cleaning Brush (see Accessories) for gentle, effective and eco-friendly cleaning.

  • Why not consider also signing up for our bespoke Recurring Order Service?

Here you can select your tailored choice of KURO-Bō filters and we’ll take all the pressure to remember away – automatically couriering your KURO-Bō Natural Filters to your door every 3 months. Sign up once and the direct debit will automatically come off every 3 months. You can also cancel at any time. How convenient! 


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