FILTER SET: KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Glass Water Bottle (1L) + 1 KURO-Bō Kōins

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  • Hand-made from high-quality borosilicate glass (pyrex)
  • Much more lightweight, durable and portable than standard glass
  • Individually  reinforced, reusable and limited-edition
  • Paired with KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Kōins for 3+ months of daily naturally filtered water, wherever you are!
  • Makes a unique gift for family, friends, colleagues or employees
  • Your ideal first step to moving away from harmful and expensive single-use plastic bottles.


KURO-Bō’s reusable 1 Litre Gō-Ecō Glass Water Bottle is hand-made from durable, high-quality borosilicate glass (pyrex) which is much stronger and lighter than your standard glass. It comes with a polished stainless steel lid, food-grade silicon seal and a non-slip silicon grip.

Contemporary and functional, each Gō-Ecō Glass Water Bottle is individually hand-made and reinforced, ensuring a lightweight, durable and portable design.

And, when paired with KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Kōins, every sip of water you take won’t just taste better, it will be healthier for you – and the planet, too – every single day, for 3+ months!

Ideally pair with our 100% plastic-free KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Natural Cleaning Brush (see Accessories) for gentle, effective and eco-friendly cleaning.

This Filter Set is your ideal first step to moving away from harmful and expensive single-use plastic bottles. It also makes an incredibly unique gift for family, friends, colleagues or employees. 

  • Why not consider also signing up for our bespoke Recurring Order Service? 

Here you can select your tailored choice of KURO-Bō filters and we’ll take all the pressure to remember away – automatically couriering your KURO-Bō Natural Filters to your door every 3 months. Sign up once and the direct debit will automatically come off every 3 months. You can also cancel at any time. How convenient! 

5 reviews for FILTER SET: KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Glass Water Bottle (1L) + 1 KURO-Bō Kōins

  1. Presha

    Best bottle I’ve owned. Love the size of this bottle, I keep it at my desk and it helps remind me to drink water. perfect for the Kuro-bo koins. The borosilicate glass also means its lighter for its size! – review from Faithful To Nature

  2. Chantal

    Fabulous product for water on the go. I love this water bottle, plus the charcoal filters you can buy to put into it. I drink a lot of water, and being one litre it’s far more useful than the smaller Consol bottles, but super lightweight given its size. And the cap is really secure so you can put it on its side in the fridge. I have no big issues with tap water, but this really tastes so much better – review from Faithful To Nature

  3. Jana Cecilia Wessels

    I just returned from two weeks of travelling and am happy to say that I almost never bought bottled water because of this gem of a product 🤩 It really gave me peace of mind and I could drink water anytime any place without forking out money for bottled water! Such a great way to reduce your plastic footprint in general and especially while travelling, ’cause you know convenience, as you never know what the water is going to be where you are. High five! (Facebook Review)

  4. Karen – Faithful To Nature

    Love it – BUT…
    04/11/2019, By karen
    I’ve been using my bottle at work for a couple of weeks, I love it! BUT, with a smile, when you pour out the last bit of water it sounds a lot like whiskey on the rocks… good fun if you sit in an open plan – not so great if you do not cope well with attention. Thinking I am going to wrap the coins in some muslin…

  5. Dan – Faithful To Nature

    Best glass bottle on the market
    28/10/2019, By Dan
    Absolutely love this bottle. High quality glass and a great solid seal lid ***and*** it fits in most cup holders. We take ours everywhere! Literally everywhere. Love!!

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