KURO-Bō is proud to be an active part of Africa’s growing Zero Waste Movement!

KURO-Bō is Zero Waste:

  • Completely natural and eco-friendly
  • Offered in a compostable corn-starch or wood cellulose bag and optional recycled card packaging
  • Reusable for 3+ months – if your water still tastes great, just keep reactivating each month!
  • After 3+ months, the charcoal is recyclable in many earth-kind, life-enhancing and
    creative ways

If you purchased KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Sticks or Kōins from one of our incredible zero-waste stockists packaging-free, please feel free to download the inserts here:

Stick Insert   

Koin Insert   

Zero Waste is changing the course of eco-history, gaining momentum right around the world, raising awareness about the impact our living and consumption choices are making on the earth.

Zero Waste is all about choosing to follow a sustainable and single-use plastic-free lifestyle when purchasing, creating, consuming and disposing of products: always choosing sustainable products that don’t negatively affect the environment and end up in landfill.

Purchase eco-consciously. Every positive action does make a difference!