The ancient artistry and alchemy of Binchotan dates back millennia to the Jomon era, 1000 BCE. As charcoal-making techniques evolved in the medieval period and Chado (The Way of Tea) became ever more central to Japanese life and culture, a finer variety of charcoal was developed.
Generations of Wakayama’s resourceful charcoal artisans discovered Binchotan’s versatility of uses: fuel for cooking, soil fertiliser, deodoriser and water purifier. Each KURO-Bō Binochotan Stick and Kōin is produced in this heritage-infused Japanese process:

  • High-quality hardwood is expertly and sustainably harvested
  • The wood is baked by skilled artisans in a specialised kiln – first at a low temperature, then at a scorching 1 200ºC – causing the wood to carbonise and activate, enlarging its pore structure to maximise toxin adsorption
  • 7 – 14 days later, the carbonised wood is removed from the kiln and smothered in a mixture of earth, sand and ash, giving it a whitish hue
  • Once cooled, the ‘white charcoal’ is carefully hand-cut into KURO-Bō Sticks and Kōins.


This innovative ancient natural water filtration technology, used for centuries in Japan (“Binchotan”), is unlike any traditional filter available today – both in terms of health benefits, as well as its incredible eco-friendly credentials.

Essentially nature’s own toxin magnet, KURO-Bō is a unique 100% natural, recyclable and plastic-free filter made of pure activated charcoal that is scientifically proven to:

  • Purify * (removes heavy metals/chemicals)
  • Mineralise * (adds minerals, e.g., Mg, Ca)
  • Improve taste and odour (removes Chlorine)
  • Remove bacteria * (E. coli)
  • balances an acidic pH *


By adding KURO-Bō Sticks or Kōins to your water at home, ideally in glass, ceramic or stainless steel, you are not risking exposure to potentially toxic plastic bottles and the risk of leaching chemicals. Furthermore, 100% of KURO-Bō’s product and packaging is sustainable, biodegradable/compostable and recyclable. KURO-Bō shouts loud and proud, a firm “N-O” to single-use plastic.

*Tested in a SANAS-accredited Water Laboratory in Cape Town!


Shape history tomorrow by making a difference today.

All too often, we benefit from products that cost the earth. Literally.

KURO-Bō offers a conscious consumer choice: an opportunity to invest in our health and the earth instead of passively piling on tonne after tonne of plastic and carbon emissions to the escalating eco-epidemic.

  • KURO-Bō is the ONLY scientifically-proven plastic-free water filter!
  • Every facet of its production and packaging is earth-conscious, sustainable and 100% recyclable – with even the ‘plastic bag’ made from compostable corn starch!
  • Minimal carbon dioxide emissions are guaranteed
  • Committed to the KURO-Bō philosophy of minimal environmental impact and plastic, and maximal community upliftment, KURO-Bō:
    • has commissioned a family-run, eco-savvy glass factory in Swaziland to create 100% recycled, 100% unique hand-blown glass carafes.
    • offers hand-made 100% recycled glass 12.5L and 6L water dispensers.
    • offers hand-made and limited-edition Glass Gō-Ecō Water Bottles.