Just four simple steps, identical for both KURO-Bō Sticks and Kōins, will transform your toxin-trapped tap water into pure, toxin-free, pH balanced, mineral-rich water – described by one little fan as ‘loving water’!


STEP 1: Remove KURO-Bō Stick or Kōins from the compostable corn starch bag. Boil in a shallow pan of tap water for 10 minutes. Allow to cool.

  • Keep the Activation Schedule aside – but recycle the packaging


STEP 2: Fill your container or bottle with up to 3 litres of tap water for Sticks, and up to 1 litre for Kōins. Add the cooled KURO-Bō Charcoal to the water.

  • Whilst the natural purifying process begins immediately, wait 6 – 8 hours (Sticks) or 2-3 hours (Kōins) for the best results
  • More than 3 litres? Simply add one KURO-Bō Stick for every 3 litres
  • There is no need to remove the Stick or Kōins through the month; all you need to do is top up the water!
  • For water-dispensing fridges, KURO-Bō Sticks in the tank will give you purified water on tap!


STEP 3: Reactivating, Repurpose & Repurchase

  • After 1 month of daily use, boil your KURO-Bō Stick or Kōins for 10 minutes, allow to cool, and pop straight back into your water container
  • After the 2nd month, reactivate your KURO-Bō and reuse as before.
  • At this stage, repurchase KURO-Bō Sticks online or in-store so you don’t run out!
  • After 3 months, remove your KURO-Bō Sticks and reinvent them!


Be inspired by these creative and earth-kind ideas:

  • Dehumidify bathrooms
  • Use it as a uniquely eye-catching, organic air-purifier
  • Keep your fridge odour-free
  • Reduce odours and dampness in cupboards
  • Break the Stick up and scatter across your pet’s litter tray to remove odours and moisture
  • Neutralise the pH of your aquarium’s water (and add a Japanese decorative edge!)
  • Place in veggie drawer to keep your vegetables fresher for longer
  • Prevent fruit from ripening too fast by adding a Stick to your fruit bowl
  • Keep flowers blooming for longer
  • Break up your charcoal and dig into your garden soil to balance its pH and remineralise it
  • Burn it on your braai!
  • Use it in your bath: the charcoal mineralise, removes impurities from the water and stimulates blood flow
  • Deflect/absorb electromagnetic and radio waves from computers, mobile phones and even microwaves in your home or at work
  • Display it as a decor collection of organic objets d’ arts
  • String up Sticks and or Koins in the garden or window-frames for a delicately tinkling, Japanese-inspired wind-chime
  • Line up a collection of Sticks from longest to shortest for a wonderfully unusual xylophone like the Japanese tankin