About KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal

It all started centuries ago…

Long before plastic bottles and expensive filters, artisans in the Japanese region of Wakayama (originally known as Kishu), discovered the art of creating Binchotan – as well as all its many uses… First, as a way of cooking, and later as a means to fertilise soil, remove odours and, most importantly, purify their drinking water.

Today, just as it was hundreds of years ago, each stick of KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is created in the very same way as the original Japanese Binchotan.

KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is created by carefully harvesting high-quality hardwood, which is then baked by highly trained craftsmen in a special kiln – initially at low, and then later at extremely high temperatures of over 1000ºC. This process causes the wood to carbonise and activate, while also enlarging its pore structure to enable maximum toxin adsorption. After 7 – 14 days, the carbonised wood is removed from its kiln and covered with a mixture of earth, sand and ash, giving it a temporary whitish hue – as well as its other name of “white charcoal”. Once cooled, the activated charcoal is then carefully hand-cut in order to be used as a natural water filter, as well as in many other innovative ways.

Where the KURO-Bō journey began…

After a few years living in the UK, going though countless plastic water filters, Darrin and Camilla Morrisby realised there had to be a more convenient, more affordable, and more eco-friendly ¬¬way to filter water. After doing some research, they discovered Binchotan – a 100% natural, reusable, and recyclable filter that could purify ordinary tap water by removing toxins and remineralising, while also improving the taste!

For Darrin and Camilla, using Binchotan became a way of life and soon their friends and family were following suit. Then, after moving to South Africa, they realised the potential that activated charcoal had for Africa. Not only as a convenient and economical way to filter water in cities, but also as a means to improve rural water quality and a step towards combatting the magnesium deficiency issue in SA. So they did more research, tracked down the original Binchotan producer and today, thanks to their passion and conviction, KURO-Bō now offers everyone a more affordable, eco-friendly and simple way to enjoy delicious tasting filtered water.


Making a difference today…

KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal not only purifies ordinary tap water, but does so in a way that is totally eco-friendly. In a world that produces millions of tonnes of plastic waste and carbon emissions every year, KURO-Bō is the only non-plastic water filter that is reusable, 100% recyclable and results in minimal Carbon Dioxide emissions – from the way in which it’s made to its completely eco-friendly packaging (*the box/sleeve are recycled and recyclable card, and the bag is compostable corn starch).

Moreover, in accordance with its ‘minimal environmental impact’ philosophy, KURO-Bō has also commissioned beautiful 100% recycled, hand-blown glass carafes from a family-run factory in Swaziland:

  • Each unique carafe is made from 100% recycled glass – mainly soft drink bottles and jars – gathered by local communities from all over Swaziland
  • The factory’s furnaces are fuelled only using disused engine oil
  • Yesterday’s newspapers are used to shape and pack the carafes
  • KURO-Bō carafes are easy to clean using just vinegar and salt

Featuring a uniquely organic shape, and made exclusively for KURO-Bō, each 2 litre carafe is designed as the ideal accessory by allowing for an individual KURO-Bō stick to be easily inserted and removed, and fitting conveniently into a double/large fridge door.


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