A Big Bold Planetary Adventure!

It’s Valentine’s month – traditionally the month of love, a time when we focus on romantic love. Well, we’re going to take that a gigantic step further – we’re making February all about PLANETARY love!

When last did you say ‘I love you’ to the planet we live on?

Not only is our world a great beauty, she has all the traits of a legendary lover. She gives ceaselessly and abundantly of all her treasures and holds nothing back.  She brings us gifts, both material and spiritual and is the source of our health and wealth.

She gives us shelter – the place we live in and call home. She provides a bounty of nourishing foods in a rainbow of exquisite variety, taste and flavour.

She gives us life-giving fresh water in watersheds, wetlands, mountain streams and rivers. Nature is our most prolific medicine cabinet, a source of energy, biodiversity and an abundance of wildlife.

And still that’s not all.

Nature inspires our creativity. What art and poetry would exist without her profound beauty to spark our inspiration and inventiveness?

Photo Credit: kazuend-unsplash.jpg

Economists like to describe these gifts as Eco-system Services – as if we are trading with the earth, but we know in our hearts this isn’t true.  The earth gifts us over and over… and asks for nothing in return.

That sounds pretty much like true love to us.

We know that spending time in nature is deeply healing and restorative. When we’re immersed in natural beauty, we begin to let go of the stress and anxiety that cuts us off from wonder and joy.  We can reconnect to ourselves, to our world and most importantly, to each other.

Now that’s romantic!

Sometimes we have to disconnect to reconnect to what’s truly important to us.

Photo credit: tyler-raye-unsplash.jpg

This Valentine’s month, find a moment to unplug from the technological world and plug into Nature – go to the beach, walk in a forest, take a mountain hike, take the kids for a picnic in your local park.

Or take a journey. We’re fortunate to be rich in having so many wonderful natural places to visit in South Africa. We’ve found 2 lesser known places we’ve discovered that celebrate nature in all her glory! Let us know of others you’ve discovered in the comments below!

Akasha Mountain Retreat in the Western Cape offers picturesque Cape-Maroc style accommodation in a serene, private setting with spectacular panoramic views over the Langeberg & secluded Duiwenhoks Dam.

H12 Leshiba in the Limpopo is a magnificent private yet affordable mountain retreat game reserve and unique magical Venda Village Eco-lodge in an environment of matchless natural beauty & wildlife.

To help you in your travels, we’re also giving away gorgeous gifts to the value of R3000 in the month of love! We’ve partnered with Bomba who make fabulous BIG & BOLD Bags just right for your family-weekend-beach-picnic-holidays. Locally designed and manufactured, these BIG & BOLD Bags are made out of canvas and leather with a very classic look. Stylish yet practical, they’re made for everyday life and travel. And, combined with both sizes of our super portable, durable & light Gō-Ecō pyrex water bottles and 12 months’ of 100% natural water filter KURO-Bō Kōins, you have EVERYTHING you need for any big, bold – and earth-kind – planetary adventure!


  • * A unisex dark green BOMBA Betty bag (70cm x 40cm – as above – you can fit a heck load in that!) – RRP R1470
  • * 1 x 550ml KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō pyrex water bottle – JUST LAUNCHED!
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  • * 1 x KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō natural bristle bamboo bottle brush – JUST LAUNCHED!

That’s 12 whole months’ worth of 100% plastic free and 100% naturally filtered, mineralised and pH-balanced water…and an enviable “forever travel companion” to explore nature with!

All you have to do is enter your email, and share, share and share…. 🙂

So go on, get out there. Love the world back.

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